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"The best view comes after the hardest climb."


Hello & Welcome.

Ascending Trails Counseling is a place where you will feel heard, understood and can finally breathe that breath of fresh air. When was the last time you invested in YOU? Calling a therapist for the first time can be very intimidating and sometimes discouraging. It’s true that therapists are like shoes and it may take a while to find the perfect fit. I am someone who believes the therapeutic relationship is the most important part of therapy, regardless of all the training and schooling I’ve completed. I believe connection and trust is key. I believe in being my authentic self and having a direct and compassionate approach to therapy.

I help children, teens and adults who feel like they are hanging on by a thread. My patients have all had painful things happen to them. Sometimes it’s a divorce, a break-up, or a toxic relationship. Others have experienced sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse where the memories are still haunting them today causing them to feel trapped.

My patients experience a roller coaster of emotions all in one day. They often feel invalidated by friends and family members- being told they are “overreacting” or “too sensitive”. In my experience this has caused many of my patients to resort to dealing with their emotions in unhealthy ways.

Some of my patients cope through self-harm, substance use, compulsive spending, isolation, or getting into unhealthy relationships.

My patients tend to express their anger inappropriately which often damages the relationships they care about the most. They are terrified of people leaving them so they “put on a happy face” to avoid letting others in and knowing the “real” them.

My patients struggle just like you do. All they want is to have control over their emotions, thoughts and behaviors. They want the painful memories of the past to no longer have control over their life. They want to have peace of mind and feel genuinely happy. They want healthy relationships without the fear of abandonment. They want to feel safe in their own bodies. They want to learn to like themselves. They want to have a life worth living.

Call now so that -you too- can begin creating the life you’ve always wanted!

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